Meaningful connection

I recently traveled to Washington, DC to train and certify the first group of Your Countdown to Retirement coaches. This meant I left my 94-year-old father at home with his wonderful caregivers. I knew my absence would be stressful for my father, so I figured out ways to stay in touch while out of town. […]

Six questions for 2018

What do I still want to accomplish? Accomplishments should not stop when we stop working. As this New Year begins, take time to identify something worth spending your time accomplishing this year. It could be something you want to do, be, or have. It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a lot of money. […]

Why Santa hasn’t retired

Although Santa is long past the traditional retirement age, he is still going strong. Every year he supervises the production and distribution of toys to good little girls and boys across the planet. Is his job stressful? You bet. Keeping up with the latest toy trends and fads is a full-time job. Santa’s ability to […]