Fighting the fog

In my book, Your Countdown to Retirement, I talk about the retirement experience sometimes being like driving a car through dense fog. There are times you cannot see the road ahead of you, the obstacles and dangers obscured by the fog, or the clear highway beyond the fog. What I forgot to mention in my […]

Depleted, not defeated

After experiencing four consecutive, cloudy, rainy days my mood now matches the weather. I am a naturally optimistic person. However, this week I found myself feeling depleted and defeated. My 94-year-old father’s health and vitality are declining. Once again our “normal” life routine is changing to address his increasing needs. Sadly, this may be the […]

Only you can make it so

The third phase of life is filled with possibilities. After working long and hard to get to where you want to be, you now have time to do what you want to do. That may sound easy, but if you have a long-standing habit of placing other’s needs ahead of your own this can be […]